Wireless Communications



The labs of CWC include a wide range of measurement and simulation equipment to explore the physically related phaenomena of wireless radio communications.


Highlights include:

Anechoic Chamber:



Our shielded anechoic chamber can be used for 2D and 3D antenna characterization and RF module testing. Features include:

- Manufacturer: Siemens Matsushita (now: Albatros Projects)

- Outer dimensions (7.9 m x 4 m x 3.6 m)

- fully shielded

- Absorbers: Emerson & Cuming Eccosorb VHP-8/12/18/26-NRL

- 2D turntable and 3D positioner

EM Modeling Cluster:




Our EM modelling cluster contains of state of the art workstations remotely accessible by the users terminals. Multi user licenses of the 3D FDTD software EMPIRE XCcel allow fast computation of large and complex electromagnetic problems. Other software tools available within the cluster include MatLab and radio propagation software based on 3D raytracing methods.